Shri Rama Breaks Shiva's Bow

Vishwamitra then requested King Janaka to show the legendary bow to Sri Rama. The mighty bow of Shiva, well decorated, was brought there on a multi-wheeled box-like vehicle pulled by a group of strong men. The bow was being worshipped by King Janaka as his forefathers did. Sage Vishwamitra signalled to Sri Rama to try his hand at the bow.

Sri Rama opened he box, saw the mighty bow. He lifted it with utmost ease. He did a neat job tying the bowstring. Sri Rama held the bow in position and pulled the string. The celebrated bow which none else, including the Devas and Gandharvas, could even shake a little, broke at the middle with a thunder. Everyone there was stunned. Only the Sage Vishwamitra, who knew of Sri Rama's prowess, King Janaka of steady mind, and prince Lakshmana could hold themselves.

Having found a first-rate match for Sita in Sri Rama, the host King consulted the Sage and sent his minister Sudamana to Ayodhya to bring King Dasaratha to Mithila to conclude the marriage alliance. The Sage readily agreed.

Janaka called his younger brother Kushadhwaja who was the King of Sankasya. Reaching Ayodhya, Sudamana narrated the events that took place in Mithila and invited King Dasaratha along with his Guru Vasishtha to come for finalizing the alliance. King Dasaratha's anxiety over the safely of his sons gave way to ecstatic expressions of gratitude towards Sage Vishwamitra.

Accompanied by his family priest Vasistha and a large contingent of courtiers and relatives, King Dasaratha reached Mithila. He was given a grand reception worthy of his eminence as a mighty King, as the father of the heroic Sri Rama, and as the would -be father-in-law of his beloved daughter Sita, by King Janaka.

Marriage in those times were wedlocks between the boy and the girl, and were also political alliances between families and countries.

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