The Holy Wedlock

The whole city of Mithila went into a festive mood. King Kushadwaja, the brother of Janaka, reached there with his two daughters of marriageable age, Mandavi and Shrutakirti. Kushadhwaja was the king of a neighbouring country of Sankasya, won for him by his dear brother Janaka. Dasaratha was accorded a grand welcome, befitting his sature. Sage Vasishtha then traced the glorious lineage of the bridegroom - including Prakriti, Brahma, Marichi, Kashyapa, Vivasvan, Manu, Ikshwaku, many ancient kings, the recent scions of the race being Sagara, Amsuman, Dilipa, Bhagidratha, Kakutstha, Raghu, Aja and the self-same Dasaratha, the father of Sri Rama. Each King was unique in his glory, and the solar dynasty was matchless on earth.

King Janaka too traced his illutrious lineage from King Nimi downwards. He offered his daughter Sita or Sri Rama, and Urmila, his own daughter, to Lakshmana. Vasishtha and Vishwamitra sought the hands of Mandavi and Shrutakirti, the daughters of Kushadhwaja, for Bharat and Shatrughna, respectively. The hosts readily agreed.

The bridegrooms went through the preparatory rituals. At the appropriate Vijaya Muhurta of Uttaraphalguni star, the royal couples entered into wedlock. The celestials, the sages and the citizens blessed the pairs.

The wedding ceremonies were held in all solemnity. To the delight of the sages and celestials, Janaka told Sri Ram "Iyam Sita Mama Suta Sahadharmacharitava (valmiki R/I/73/26)." This Sita, my daughter will be your Dharmic, partner, and poured sacred water into Sri Rama's hands. The pairs went round the sacred fired and received the blessings of the delighted holy men.

Sri. Rama's wedding with Sita (SITA KALYANAM) is enacted again and again by our countrymen as a part of their religious worship. Tulasidasji Janaki Mangal is chanted to bring happiness and prosperity to the newlyweds on this occasion. It is the celebration of the Jivatman joining the Paramatman.
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