Valmiki and Narada

A long time elapsed. Then Narada called on Valmiki, now a totally transfomred man. Valmiki enquired his Guru of a person of great heroism, physical beauty, excellence of character and knowledge, compassion and courage, in short, a DHARMA VIGRAHA.

Narada Muni told Valmiki,"Such an ideal person of great earthly and divine virtues does exist and he is Sri Rama, the scion of the race of Ikshvakus and Manu and the son of Dasaratha." Narada then told his eager disciple the story of Sri Rama in precise, beautiful and devotion-filled words : "Dasaratha, the King of Ayodhya planned to crown his eldest son Sri Ram. Kaikayi's machinations, Sri Rama's exile with Sita and Lakshmana, Dasaratha's death on his separation from his darling son, Bharat meeting Sri Rama, Sri Rama Paduka Pattabhishekam, Sri Rama of fering protection to the sages who were molested by Rakshasas, Sri Rama's meeting with Sage Agastya, the Surpanakha episode, Khara-Dusashan Vadha, Ravana abducting Sita with the help of Maricha, Sri Rama's Sorrow, his meetings with Kabandha and Shabari leading to his alliance with Sugriva, Hanuman the great Ramadasa, and his exploits in Lanka, assuring Sita of help, the monkeys building a setu to cross the ocean, Ravan Vadha, Vibhishana's coronation as the king of Lanka all formed a part of Narada's wonderful narration. Sri Rama's entourage returning to Ayodhya, Sri Rama's coronation culminating in his ideal rule over his people, the Rama Rajya, leading them to all-round worldly properity and religious merit completed Narada's narration. The listener of Ramakatha would be blessed with all purusharthas, Dharama, Artha, Kama and Moksha, conclued Narada. Deeply impressed by the story, Valmiki, after worshipping the Sage, returned to the ashrama meditating on the Ramakatha.

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