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Learning for a Manager (Vivekananda kendra and Eknathaji Ranade)

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The task of constructing the mid sea monument is not an ordinary one. A work of that magnitude involves a lots of ordels. Mobilizing the manpower, getting the requisite permissions from the authorities, collecting the needed funds, and organizing the work is quite a task. Mananeeya Eknathji did all these and much more. He gathered the right kind of work force, and ensured that the monument stands out as an exemplary one. It calls for an acumen which is not just ordinary. This work demands extraordinary managerial capacities, which Mananeeya Ekanthji had in abundance. These managerial capabilities are being analyzed in this book in detail to bring out the facts of his personality which are hitherto unravelled. Looking through the Managerial Perspective, this book gives a different dimension about Mananeeya Eknathji's Personality.

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Get the eBook from Google Play Store (view sample above)
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Publication Year 2015
ISBN 81-89248-103-00
VRM Code 1524
Edition 1
Volumes 1
Format Soft Cover
Author Subhash Waman Bhave
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