Swami Vivekananda's Vision and Indian Womanhood - The Road Ahead

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Every community, society has its ideals, its worldview of life and by extension a vision, or standards to which men and women of that particular society are expected to raise themselves to, live by, adhere. It is by these that parameters are set, behaviour patterns expected to conform. Where India is concerned, for the last few years, women per se appear to be ranged at two opposite ends - an extremely closeted conformist to a declared non-conformist one. This interesting range calls for a re-evaluation of ideals to which each end, and the in-betweens, seek to conform. Obviously then, one needs to go beyond the dynamics of mere empowerment, governmental interventions and legal frameworks that the academia, media and activists posit. The need is to dive deep into worldviews, ways of life of the past and the aspirations of the present. Swami Vivekananda's Vision and Indian Womanhood - The Road Ahead does just that. It examines the Vision of Oneness- the foundation of Indina thought, culture and practice-the road travelled by women from ancient times to the present, the milestones crossed, the road blocks in between and the scenario at present. The re-evaluation also comes up with a road ahead - simple and practicable such that women can raise themselves and the society they live in a way that it ensures the harmonious development and security of one and all. Of this road ahead, Swami Vivekananda envisioned that women will be the beacon light for the good of all and the welfare of humanity.
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Publication Year 2013
VRM Code 1636
Edition 1
Pages 120
Volumes 1
Format Soft Cover
Author Nivedita Raghunath Bhide
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